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Welcome to Quite Contrary! I’m Amy, and I’m in love with the art of learning how to live.
I’m glad you’ve stumbled across my small internet space!

Writing, nature, books, grungy clothing, and beauty all make my heart sing.

Amy Quite Contrary is a internet space I created in early in 2016 with the intent of self-expression and as an outlet for my writing and creativity. I make posts about creativity, books, beauty, and lifestyle, as well as the odd piece of prose or those funny little thoughts. While I’m normally anything but consistent, for some strange reason I am when it comes to Quite Contrary, where I post every Monday and Friday and even the odd post over the weekend, lucky you! * There is only going to be a post every Friday for a month or so, until I finish my course.*

I try to focus on creativity and self-improvement, because we’ve all gotta grow into life and explore who we are. And if my perspective help someone else even the tiniest bit, then that’s a truly amazing thing.

Thank you for having a nosy at my little internet space, I hope you stick around and enjoy reading! If you do please don’t hesitate to drop a comment because I live for comments – they make me feel all of the warm and fuzzy feelings.

If you’d like to know where my blogs name comes from, click here.


Amy, Amy , quite contrary
How does your garden grow?
With books and art and mindfulness
And pretty things all in a row.

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*All photos and visuals belong to me unless otherwise stated

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