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A Simple Little Trio | Review


Since I already have pretty good skin, I have a tendency to not really take care of it – this is actually the first time I’ve kept to a skincare routine ever – I’m so guilty of sleeping with a face full of makeup. Waking up with it smeared down your face like The Joker is not a good look. I mean, it was on Heath Ledger (bless his soul), but unfortunately I cannot rock it. Anyway – skincare.

Over the years, skincare brand Simple has faced a lot of criticism both good and bad. The brand promises simple, light products containing natural ingredients that are friendly to sensitive skin. Their moisturiser has received acclaim however their facial wipes and toners have a bad rep and according to reviews have caused many a breakout for some. Simple and clear? My own experience with Simple isn’t exactly extensive . I tried a number of their products when I was younger – an eye cream, a facial wash, makeup wipes, but I can’t say I’ve touched it in years. (I hope you appreciate the cheeky Inbetweeners reference, btw)

However I recently received this Simple (ayy) little travel set containing a face wash, toner and moisturiser and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with all three products!IMG_4533.JPG

Hopefully this doesn’t sound gross but I’m not a big fan of using facial washes. Now before I worry the skincare fanatics ( I use that word lovingly) I do wash my face – I just prefer a splash of water or a gentle cleanser if I’m feeling fancy (a.k.a time/money)
For me facial washes almost always tend to be too harsh, especially with daily use. I’m luckily enough to be blessed with pretty good skin – I rarely ever get spots and have never experienced acne, I’ve literally had people touch my face in the past and say ‘it’s so soft!’ which is a little weird, but kind of nice too. I think. Anyway – I’ve only used this face wash a coupe of times, but it did leave my skin feeling very clean and refreshed, and it wasn’t drying like some I’ve used in the past. It left me with a bit of a rosy glow, but I can’t really comment on long term use of it in a skincare routine. It washed my face, and left it feeling nice, which is what it’s supposed to do, so I like it.


I’ve never actually used a skin toner before and to be honest, I wasn’t sure when you’re supposed to use it – before moisturiser? After moisturiser?….I figured using it before made more sense, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I apply a generous amount to a cotton pad as directed by the back of the bottle and rub it gently all over my mug. (that’s ‘face’ sorry I’m northern) It feels so cool and refreshing and really helps to clear away any bacteria or stubborn bits of mascara. I look forward to using this at night after washing my face and removing my makeup because it just leaves my face feeling so clean and refreshed. I also use it in the morning after rinsing my face and then I apply Benefit eye cream and the Simple moisturiser afterwards, which brings me to my favourite product of the three…


Using moisturiser on a daily basis is the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin. I take a small amount and rub it in a circular motion on MA FACE, and smooth some down my neck, it leaves my skin feeling baby soft and smelling…clean? It doesn’t really have a smell which I actually really like, it’s a very light, hydrating moisturiser and it’s basically perfect for my skin type. If nothing else, I’d definitely recommend this from the range!

After 2 and a half weeks of using the toner and moisturiser everyday I’ve noticed my skin feels a lot more plump and firm somehow, even when I’m tired, the parts that have a tendency to get dry are kept hydrated and while I’m only prone to them occasionally – no spots have popped up. When I’m not wearing makeup I have a rosy glow, which is pretty amazing for me since I’m the colour of an alabaster wall and have cold undertones. Simple has received mixed reviews but I absolutely love these products and enjoy having them as part of my routine. I might have to purchase refills when I’ve used them up!

What do you think of Simple’s brand? Do you have any skincare tips for a newbie like me?blog-sig-febFind me on:


6 thoughts on “A Simple Little Trio | Review

    1. I know, right!Ah that makes sense, I don’t really use cleanser, I just wash my face with water, use the toner and mousturise, sometimes I skip the toner. That’s if I don’t have makeup to remove though(which let’s face it is 90% of the time)


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