It’s Been A Month: April

It honestly doesn’t even feel like that long ago since I wrote the last It’s Been A Month post for March, but hey. April has been one hell of a month! I’ve had some really good times but also some not so great situations regarding the end of a long term relationship and my health but I’m feeling pretty optimistic about things right now. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and about other people this month. Learning about life and shit.


o I had such an amazing birthday, I really enjoyed myself and it was so nice to spend it with some of my closest friends!…I also got VERY drunk but, sh.
o Went to the local vegan cafe and got sexual chocolate fudge cake and lots of tea
o I got my first tattoo!Look out for a post on it soon!
o Walks and adventures ❤
o I got stuck in a cave
o Laughter & smiles
o Spent some fun times with family
o practicing mindfulness


 Jack Whitehalls standup. That is all.
o I finally got round to watching Rick and Morty and I understand now. Oh, I understand.
o Discovered the show Fresh Meat – it’s centered around a uni house and it’s hilarious
o I read The Book Thief and oh my gosh it’s amazing
o I kicked butt on some games
o Spotify is my bae ❤ Paramore released a new song and I couldn’t be happier.


o I posted about my goals for April
o I shared some more poetry
I published a rant from when I was feeling a little depressed
I made a post about my visit to the BBC’s Media City tour in Manchester
I shared an OOTD featuring over the knee boots, an owl necklace and a pinafore dress
o I wrote about some ways I battle my hairs dryness and damage
I shared a way I used to cope with overwhelming emotions and anger 
I posted about my trip to the Harry Potter Studio!
o I reached 1.1k readers and 160 WordPress followers! ❤

Got a job! The search has finally come to an end and I’m currently a proud Sandwich Artist. Yeah that’s right. Sandwich. Artist. I don’t know how it happened either, I’m just glad I’m now making some dolla dolla bill, y’all.


How’s your month been? Are you looking forward to anything in May?blog-sig-feb
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