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A Little Box of Happiness

IMG_4582.JPGA method I used to use when I was feeling very emotionally volatile and like I was going to do something I’d regret, or when I simply needed to calm the hell down, was a Happiness Box. It’s a great way to calm yourself until you emotions are at a more manageable level, or to distract yourself from those heavy thoughts that we all know too well.


A CONTAINER (preferably a box, but anything will do…The Happiness Jam Jar doesn’t quite have the same ring to it but it’s unique!)

O A DOZEN SMALL PIECES OF PAPER – I used these post it note things..They’re not sticky,so I don’t know if they still count as post its, but whatever they are, they worked perfectly. You could also use cut up Q cards. Literally any small pieces of paper will do but feel free to get creative with it dudes

O SOMETHING TO WRITE WITH – A pen, a pencil, a rock. That sort of thing.


So Amy, what is this mysterious ‘Happiness Box’? I’m 99% sure I saw it on Tumblr or Pinterest but when I did a quick Google before I couldn’t find anything about this particular version. The idea is that when you’re feeling overwhelmed, or down, or self destructive, you go to the box, randomly pick out a scrap of paper and go do whatever is written down. This can be any sort of soothing or distracting activity, something to take your mind of your feelings while they cool down; Drawing, watching a film, walking the dog. I find it’s more useful to personalise them, for example if you play guitar, you could add that to the box, if you have a favourite film, hobby, place to go, ect. add those. Whatever works for you. If you want some inspiration I wrote a list of things to do when you’re feeling down.


Like I said before, I pretty much never use mine anymore – though I kept it just in case. If you give it a go I hope it helps you! Thanks for reading.

Have you tried anything like this and did it help you? Let me know if you give it a go!blog-sig-febFind me on:


8 thoughts on “A Little Box of Happiness

  1. I did something similar. I got a jar and my boyfriend and I would occasionally write notes in it to each other or a happy memory or cinema tickets. Anything. Then after one year we look through everything we put into it. Honestly it was like 90% me and 10% him putting things in it but I’d do it again.

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    1. Awh that’s so cute!Agh it’s kinda disappointing he didn’t contribute more but it seems guys have a harder time remembering things like that, though that’s only stereotyping😂


  2. I’ll definitely be giving this a try. I think it’s a great idea. I think having a specific instruction like that to carry out would be very calming when feeling overwhelmed – all the more when it’s something you already know you’ll enjoy doing. 🙂

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