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Hair Products to Battle Damage And Dryness

3 hair products

Okay, so, real talk. Or rather hair talk. Real talk about my hair? You get it.

My hair has been through a lot. It’s been bleached to Daenerys worthy platinum, it’s been abused with straighteners, tongs, the occasional backcomb as well as working it’s way around the colour wheel. My hair grows very fast, which is great if you want to grow it long, but not so much when you want to touch up your roots as rarely as possible. Alas, I began the dreaded process of growing out my roots and right now it looks like an ombre dip-dye. It’s also pretty damaged. It’s been worse, like the time I stupidly bleached it twice within a week and it felt gummy. But that’s another story. Thanks to all that abuse, my hair deserved a bit of extra care, so here’s what I’ve been using recently to keep my hair in shape:


I absolutely love this hair mask – smooth it through the lengths and ends of your hair after shampooing, leave it on for 3 minutes and rinse to reveal silky smoothness.  After using this, my hair feels and looks so much healthier. It’s such a hydrating conditioner and has the added bonus of smelling amazing. I think it’s more of a hair mask then conditioner – it’s got a very thick texture however it only needs to be left on for a few minutes to repair your hair.

Aussie Hair Treatment holdingAussie treatment ingredients

I swear by oil treatments. They not only are they super conditioning, they also help restore natural proteins to your hair. I once bleached my hair twice in one week and you could really see the damage. I’d read online about D.I.Y hot oil treatments – you simply heat up some oil, apply it to your hair and wrap it in a towel. Coconut oil is best due to its protein preserving properties, as well as being extremely moisturising. All I had on hand was olive oil. Yup, just average olive Oil, for cooking. It’s a natural moisturiser and can help with dandruff. I’ve only ever done this when my hair has reached a certain level of damaged, but you can repeat this once a month to keep your hair in great condition!Just bear in mind that when you wash it out at first it might leave your hair a little greasy, this is oil after all. Just give it another wash and you should be good to go!


I remember when the beauty world went crazy over Argan Oil a couple of years back? I remember scrounging from my mums teeny bottle, running a 5p sized amount through my hair because it was so expensive it was like gold dust. This conditioner on the other hand was a mere 99p from Poundland of all places, and it looks, feels and smells much more luxurious than you’d expect for next to nothing! When dying my hair pastel shades, I’d often mix this with the dye to lighten it, and I noticed a significant difference in the texture of my hair compared to using my usual Alberto Balsam conditioner. Now I use it on the ends of my hair after shampooing when I don’t have Aussie on hand and it’s so hydrating.

Have you used any of these products or methods? Do you have any to suggest? Let me know below!
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