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Seventeen Let’s Face It Face Base Review

As someone who has a hard time into disappearing when I stand in front of a white wall, it’s hard to find makeup which compliments rather than contrasts. I am very pale, actually the palest person I know. I’m someone who regularly gets asked if I’m ill (NO it’s just my FACE) and has been called a ghost on several occasions. To top it off I rock some mean dark, puffy circles on a daily basis. So when I find something which makes my face happy – damn right I’m going to blog about it.


How to make Your Own Candles From Leftover Wax | D.I.Y

Y’know what I hate? When candles burn out, and there’s no wick left, but wait…there happens to be a shit ton of wax left. Hello my name is Amy and I am addicted to candles. Okay, maybe not addicted, but I  have at least eight in my room at any given time, so. Candles are… Continue reading How to make Your Own Candles From Leftover Wax | D.I.Y